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Why a Probability Blog?

Probability is a fascinating area of study full of questions that seem simple but quickly unfold to reveal themselves as truly challenging problems. The study of probability has been profoundly important in both my professional and personal life for quite some time. I created this blog as a vehicle to help people understand what makes probability theory both immensely important in how we understand the world as well as a delight to study in its own right.

Despite the name this is not a strictly Bayesian blog. Posts here will explore issues in Bayesian and Frequentist statistics as well as topics usually left for a rigorous study of probability with measure theory (though as often as possible the aim will be to minimize rigor and maximize insight).

Who is Count Bayesie?

Will Kurt 

The great folks at RJMetrics did a fantastic write up on me if you want the full story!

Currently working as a Data Scientist. You can find me in all the usual places: twitter, github, kaggle and linkedin. I live in the mountains of Northern Nevada.

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You can reach out to me by email at [email protected]